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Being a Scornful Account of the Activities of Mr Boris Johnson and ‘Others’ during the Pandemic and its Aftermath. Written by Mr Armando Iannucci. Directed by Mr Patrick Marber.

Amalia Vitale, Faye Castelow, Paul Chahidi, Debra Gillett, Natasha Jayetileke emerging out of hell pit in dark, red lighting
Click on photo for trailer. By ChewBoy Productions

A funny, wild ongoing history play about how our great leaders grappled first with the Pandemic and then with each other.

The Johnson-Truss-Sunak years told at a furious pace in all their horrible glory. Relive the horror! The Mess! The Murk! The lying about the lies!

It’s one big dodgy party.

“Iannucci’s point is the pandemic saw heroic actions aplenty from the nation, but few and far between from the inhabitants of Downing Street […] a very funny play indeed, but serious and respectful to those who served and those who suffered” The Reviews Hub

Pandemonium played at Soho Theatre from 1 December 2023 to 13 January 2024. It will be revived in Autumn 2024.

Illustration: Andy Riley.

Photo: Marc Brenner.


“It is the post-pandemic catharsis we’ve never yet had”

The Guardian – review

“Caustic, vital theatre”

The Reviews Hub – review

“A joyous concoction of satire and mockery”

The Ham and High – review

“Angry, […] vicious […] moving […] an excoriating lampoon of those who rule us”

Politics Home – review

Creative team

WritterArmando Iannucci
DirectorPatrick Marber
Set and Costume DesignAnisha Fields
LightingJackie Shemesh
Sound and CompositionAdam Cork
ChoreographyEmily Jane Boyle
Associate DirectorEd Madden


The Pandemonium Players
Faye Castelow
Paul Chahidi
Debra Gillett
Natasha Jayetileke
Amalia Vitale


Armando Iannucci and Patrick Marber on Pandemonium

Listen to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme interview with Armando Iannucci and Patrick Marber, including a sneak peak look at a key scene.