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Ticket schemes

Wayward Friends subsidise a number of tickets to our performances for those who are otherwise excluded from seeing live theatre.

actors during rehearsals
The Language of Kindness. Photo: Sarah Ainslie.

For performances of Grief is the Thing with Feathers at the Barbican we were able to give over 400 free tickets to Black Ticket Project, English PEN, Cardboard Citizens, Clean Break, Counterpoint Arts, Open Door and Sour Lemons.

”I am really grateful for the offer of a ticket from Wayward Productions. Seeing live theatre is a necessity in our line of work. It has offered me the opportunity to engage again, question and re-ignite my passion, which can only benefit my own craft as a working-class actor.”

Zoe Davies

”To be directly invited to see Grief is the Thing with Feathers makes me feel welcome as a working-class audience member, makes me feel valued as a working-class artist, and removes the risks associated with deciding where to put my time and money as someone from a working-class background.”

Siobhan James-Elliot